The Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation does not only conduct research and provide education, but is also active in outreach and exchange of best practices.

Setting up innovative research
• Establish PhD positions in different fields of sustainability;
• Hire and involve senior faculty on new research agenda;
• Research coordinator to ensure appropriate coordination between research topics and between academics and practitioners. Also outreach to others to stimulate collaboration and promotion of output.

 Integrate into education
• Co-create sustainable finance course with master students;
• Make assignments in cooperation with industry;
• Write master-theses on sustainable finance topics;
• Co-create sustainable finance courses for executive education.

Outreach and exchange (agile)
• Establishment of a vibrant community building website and social media structure to ensure optimal flow and exchange of experience, knowledge, ideas and views;
• Establishment and maintenance of a digital Platform newsletter;
• Projects should have clearly defined deliverables at different stages;
• No regular meetings, but small-scale events with practitioners and academics to analyse and discuss new methods with an introducing speaker and lead discussant; these events can be held at partners in turn;
• International reach: linking with foreign partners at a later stage.

Annual international conference
• Take leading position in new research by setting up high-level, international conference; involving frontier sustainable investors, government representatives, NGOs and key academics;
• In addition, smaller seminars, workshops and other events as part of an active engagement facility.