The Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation is partner-driven and works with the following partners:

Industry (financial and corporate)
The Platform develops new insights and concepts to foster sustainable value creation in practice and to overcome hurdles. These new concepts are developed in close collaboration with industry partners. The ultimate goal is to advance sustainable development through stimulating best practices in sustainable value creation. The industry is the end-user of the Platform’s deliverables.

Services providers
The Platform collaborates with the leading service providers in the total value and sustainable value creation methodologies. New advances in methodology will be developed in co-creation. 

Academic partners (external and internal)
The Platform works with leading external academic partners in the field of sustainability (for example, the Sustainable Finance Lab, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University). It draws on leading researchers and teachers within the Rotterdam School of Management and the wider Erasmus University. Master, PhD and post-doctoral students are key in setting up new projects.

The Platform works with the leading NGOs to deepen knowledge about sustainability challenges and to co-create best practices in sustainable value creation.