The Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation builds on a vibrant research community. Academic faculty and PhD students explore topics such as:

• Developing the concept of Long Term Value Creation and testing the underlying business drivers in companies (what is the objective of the corporate?);

• Investing for Long Term Value Creation;

• How to measure contribution of corporates and asset managers and owners to Sustainable Development Goals?

• Alternatives for dominance of benchmarking, based on efficient market hypothesis;

• Coalitions of investors/lenders for change (e.g. PRI, Focus Capital on Long Term Global, Equator Principles) – what are conditions for effectiveness?;

• Agency problems/frictions in investment chain between asset owners, asset managers, and corporates;

• Impact of shareholders via engagement and voting (with their feet or at annual shareholder meetings) on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues;

• New methods to incorporate ESG factors into credit risk for lending and into market risk for asset management (not only climate, but also other factors);

• Transition management;

•How to deal with uncertainty surrounding climate change and climate policies?