The Education Inspectorate (the Inspectorate) conducted an investigation in 2018 at the request of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science into several aspects of study programmes offered by EUR/RSM, including the course fees charged by EUR/RSM for the Finance & Investments Advanced study programme. The Inspectorate took the position that charging a fee for additional activities, curriculum elements and services was not allowed.

We disagree and have indicated this in our formal response to the report. However, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science indicated in her letter to the House of Representatives of 29 March 2019 that she shares the opinion of the Inspectorate. She also called on Erasmus University Rotterdam to implement a financial arrangement for current and former students to whom extra fees were charged.

EUR/RSM hopes that offering this Ex-Gratia Scheme provides a quick, reasonable and practicable solution. As communicated to those involved, the Ex-Gratia Scheme offer and deadline have been adjusted.

Details of the Ex-Gratia Scheme

  • The scheme is intended for all students and alumni of the Finance & Investments Advanced study programme
  • The scheme we offer constitutes 50% of the total flat fee paid.
  • Students who received a (partial) fee waiver for the ‘flat fee’, receive 50 % of the remaining amount they paid.
  • You must apply for the scheme before 15 January 2020, after which the scheme is no longer in force.

You can find the Ex-Gratia Scheme and the exact conditions here.