Explanation of the Ex-Gratia Scheme

The comprehensive explanation of the Ex-Gratia Scheme includes the aspects we have taken into account in the formulation of the scheme in its current form and for this group.

These are on the one hand:

  • Preventing costly and time-consuming legal proceedings;
  • Unwillingness to harm the reputation of this study programme unnecessarily. Its quality is undisputed and the reputation must be preserved for the students who attended the study programme or who are still following it;
  • The wish to respond to the Minister’s appeal.

and on the other hand:

  • Our view that we were not in breach of  the law;
  • The fact that a mutual agreement was entered into voluntarily (freedom of contract);
  • The desire to appropriately use the university’s resources.

Applications for the Ex-Gratia Scheme

You may complete the application form (Annex 2 in the PDF) if you satisfy the conditions.

You will require the following:

  • The information requested in the application form;
  • A copy of a valid passport or ID card;
  • A copy of the bank statements from which it is evident that the flat fee was paid


To apply for the Ex-Gratia Scheme, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the Ex-Gratia Scheme
  2. (digitally) fill out your information on page 6, 7 and 8. You do not need to sign the form at this stage yet.
  3. Send the application form, a copy of a valid passport or ID card and a copy of the bank statements from which it is evident that the flat fee was paid to fiascheme@rsm.nl
  4. Your application will be reviewed. Once your application has been approved, you will receive the application form to be signed. 
  5. Once you've signed the application form, re-submit the form to fiascheme@rsm.nl
  6. RSM will sign the application form and will send you the completed application for your documentation. Payment will be done within (at most) thirty (30) days after receipt of the agreement.

You must send in your application form and additional required documents before 15 January 2020 as this is the date on which the scheme ends.

Following the application

We will respond to the application within six (6) weeks after date receipt. If everything is deemed in order, we will send you a so-called settlement agreement. You will then have thirty (30) days to read the agreement, sign, and send it back to: fiascheme@rsm.nl. We will proceed with payment within (at most) thirty (30) days after receipt of the agreement.