Compensation B1 and B2/B3

Compensation B1 and B2/B3

According to the Rules and Guidelines a student has passed the final exam when he/she has taken all examination parts, with pass grades or exemptions. As an exception to this, the following compensation rules are applicable in the Bachelor programme:

Compensation rule Bachelor 1

Students may pass the final exam with a 4.5 or higher for one examination part of the course year B1, provided that all components of course year B1 were passed, with the exception of the component with the 4.5 or higher, and this insufficient grade is compensated for by at least one rounded 7 or higher for another component of B1.

Compensation rule Bachelor 2/3

Students may also pass the final exam with compensation of one failed course under the following conditions:

  • it concerns a course of the year B2 or B3 with the exception of trimester 7 courses with a value more than 7,5 ects, the Research Training/Bachelor Thesis and the courses that are part of the Sandwich Year (if applicable), and
  • the grade of the failed course is between 4.5-5.5, and
  • the grade point average mentioned in article 6.2 paragraph 1 Rules & Guidelines is at least 7.0 (including the grade for the to-be compensated course) .

The B1 compensation rule will automatically be processed in Osiris. The B2/3 compensation rule will only be applied by the Examination Board upon student’s request: submit your request via the Online Request Form. Your GPA will be calculated by the Department for Exam Administration, whereafter the Examination Board will decide whether the B2/B3 compensation rule is applicable. If you want to calculate your GPA yourself, we point out that this must be done manually. In Osiris, the GPA is only based on sufficient results. This means that the GPA calculated by Osiris cannot be used to determine whether a student is eligible for compensation, as the insufficient result for the course to be compensated is not included in the calculation. Please note that compensation requests for B2/3 will only be processed when all grades of B2/3 (including retakes) have been registered in Osiris.