Registration Examinations (after the deadline)

Registration Examinations (after the deadline)

General information

The examination schedule 2020-2021 for BA, IBA and Master students can be found on the Current Students landing page.

Registration for regular (non-re-sit) examinations - Course registration=Exam registration

If you register for a course via Osiris, you will automatically be registered for all of that course's examinations, with the exception of the resit examination, if applicable.

Registration for re-sit examinations

Registration for re-sit examinations is possible via Osiris during the registration period: starting 25 days before the exam and expiring five working days before the exam. Osiris can be reached via

After registering via Osiris Student, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. You should print out and save this e-mail until the results of the re-sit examinations are announced in Osiris.

During the registration period, it is also possible for you to deregister for a re-sit examination for which you have registered. In this way, you can avoid the remark ‘did not show up’ being entered on your Osiris overview. It could also enable another student to use the reserved seat and table.

Registration for a re-sit examination after the deadline

Please note, late registration for online exams is not possible.

Taking a re-sit examination without proper registration

If you are late in registering for the resit, you will have to retake to course in the next academic year.