Client stories

Client stories

Empowering people to stay ahead at ING

“We’re impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the academic team and their ability to understand our business and use this to the benefit of the training of our senior professionals. The co-operation with RSM has been very pleasant and I look forward to working with them again.”

Raffie Petronilla, learning and development expert, ING Wholesale Banking

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Keeping innovation on track at Deutsche Bahn

“The programme was just great: it provided me with the skills to analyse an issue, and test new ideas in a structured way. I have applied this in practice, and re-engineered a process which has improved the way we work and serve our passengers.”

Wolfgang Merz, Head of International Business France, Benelux, UK, DB Fernverkehr AG (Long Distance Railways)

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Creating a future at TBI

“I was impressed by the drive and enthusiasm of the participants and the way that RSM helped them grow from an operational level of thinking to a strategic one in such a short time. For me, that was the most valuable outcome of the programme.”

Daan Sperling, CEO, TBI Holdings

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New Master of Business Administration graduates at Deutsche Telekom

"After the pre-reading my initial impression was that the programme focused mostly on theory and that I don't need this level of detail on strategy in my daily work. My experience was quite the opposite. Theory was linked to real-life cases that can change your thinking on strategy and analysis. Also, Patrick Reinmoeller’s contribution was excellent. It’s convincing if you can see that someone deeply understands the topics and could apply the theory also in daily work. I even would appreciate a longer programme despite the workload."

Peter Zsom, Area Manager, Deutsche Telekom about the Deutsche Telekom Strategy Development Programme

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ING CCRM - Change programme

How do you quickly change the culture of a business unit of nearly 400 people that is part of a company in a crisis? How do you mobilise everyone, rather than just a select few leaders, in order to maximise everyone’s potential? > Read more