Meet our team

Meet our team

Learning and development managers

The RSM Learning & Development Manager (LDM) will help you transform your initial development needs into impactful learning solutions for your employees and your organisation. Coordinating the entire process from design to delivery, LDMs work together with you and the RSM faculty team to facilitate the smooth-running of your programme, and help you achieve your business objectives.

Pieter Kuijt
Pieter believes that ‘éducation permanente’ (lifelong learning) is a force for positive change in organisations, encouraging innovation and an inclusive culture. Having been a manager of marketing teams in commercial and not-for-profit organisations for many years, he understands what customers are looking for. His fields of expertise are strategy, leadership, business development and marketing. Pieter is director at RSM Executive Education and leads the team of Learning and Development managers.

Hans Horstink
Hans helps companies to find the best educational solutions to help implement organisational strategy. He also works on innovating RSM’s open programmes, improving the impact of our portfolio. He is a professional coach and has two master degrees; one in business economics and general management from the Erasmus School of Economics, and one in change management from the Stichting Interacademiale Opleiding Organisatiekunde (SIOO).
Phone: +31 6 53 94 75 95

Michael Smith
Michael works together with many individual professionals and corporate clients to provide them with the executive education solution, which best supports their development needs and personal and professional objectives. His background, both as a trainer and as a general manager in a commercial organisation, gives him the ability to identify training interventions people can apply in their daily work.
Phone: +31 10 408 8633

Malou Kroezen
Malou is an energetic learning and development manager with a strong track record in training and development, talent management, and account management. Passionate about developing and connecting people, Malou designs and delivers customised executive development programmes uniting the business and academic worlds. Malou has a master degree in international business and finished the Part-time Executive International MSc in Corporate Communications at RSM.
Phone: +31 10 408 1936

Dr Gertjan Rop
Gertjan is passionate about educating people and has researched the design of instructional materials. His research investigated the split-attention and redundancy effect during multimedia learning. He holds a PhD in educational psychology, and as such has extensive knowledge of the cognitive foundations of human learning. Using this knowledge, he develops evidence-based, highly effective, customised executive development programmes.
Phone: +31 10 408 1193

Marcos Siqueira
Marcos’ experiences in executive roles and business education have shaped his passion for understanding dynamics between strategy, people, leadership and learning. He has a track record in co-creating projects for a diverse range of industries from FT500 corporations to family-owned businesses. He holds an International MBA and has completed several executive programmes in different countries mainly in the fields of strategy, leadership, change and innovation. 
Phone: +31 10 408 8061

Lucia Capasso
Lucia Capasso is passionate about designing high-quality executive programmes with a customer-driven approach to ensure an engaging and smooth user experience. To achieve this, she brings together experts from various fields and uses design thinking, creativity and digital learning tools. Lucia holds a Global MBA from Durham University and has over seven years of experience in developing and delivering professional development courses both online and face to face.
Phone: +31 10 408 8737