Meet our team

Meet our team

Learning and development experts as your programme directors

We’re here to help transform your initial development needs into impactful learning solutions to benefit your employees and your organisation. From design to delivery, our goal is to assure the smooth-running of your programme, and help you achieve your business objectives. 

Malou Kroezen
Malou has a strong track record in training and leadership development, talent management and account management. As client engagement director, she is responsible for nurturing long-lasting client relationships and impactful executive education. In this role she strives to maximise the potential of people, teams and organisations in an ever-changing environment. Malou combines her two master degrees in Business Administration and Corporate Communication with a pragmatic attitude, making her a pleasant sparring partner for both business and academia. 
Phone: +31 6 20 939 971

Dr Gertjan Rop
Gertjan speaks the language of science as well as business. He has a background in educational psychology, and his work at RSM grants him insight into business management research and professional development from an HR perspective. Gertjan can skilfully translate business challenges into educational solutions, grounded in evidence-based management and educational principles. As key account manager, Gertjan always aims to bring his relationships with clients to a higher level, and to be a trusted adviser and long-term partner for his clients.
Phone: +31 6 12 219 941

Marcos Siqueira
Marcos’ experiences in executive roles and business education have shaped his passion for understanding dynamics between strategy, people, leadership and learning. He has a proven track record in co-creating projects for a diverse range of industries from top global companies to family-owned businesses. He holds an international MBA, and has completed multiple executive programmes  in the fields of strategy, leadership, change and innovation.
Phone: +31 6 12 743 026  


Lucia Capasso
Lucia is passionate about designing high-quality executive programmes with a customer-driven approach to ensure an engaging and smooth user experience. To achieve this, she brings together experts from various fields and uses design thinking, creativity and digital learning tools. Lucia holds a Global MBA from Durham University, and has been developing and delivering professional development courses in various formats (online,  face-to-face and blended) since 2013.