RSM as part of your Learning Management System

RSM as part of your Learning Management System

You probably have a Learning Management System (LMS), or Learning Experience Platform (LEP/LXP) to inspire personal and professional development for you and your employees. But keeping it up-to-date can be challenging.  

RSM can help you optimise your LMS so that anyone in your organisation can access information about top quality online training resources - from one of Europe’s top business schools - at any time.  

It’s not just important to your employees; it’s also vital to your organisation’s success. Giving employees opportunities to grow, learn, and progress their careers will benefit everyone. To leverage these benefits your employees need access to a comprehensive offer of the right executive programmes. RSM’s highly acclaimed executive education programmes can be shown through your own LMS or LXP via EDU-DEX.  

A learning repository at your fingertips

Learning Management Systems organise learning content by combining multiple suppliers and programmes in one place – a learning repository at the fingertips of you and everyone in the organisation who needs it. At RSM, we use EDU-DEX to share the most relevant and up-to-date details of our entire portfolio of executive programmes directly with your LMS, and those of other organisations. Our programme information comes to you from the EDU-DEX database. 

EDU-DEX collects information from several educational institutions and connects them to your LMS directly, saving you time and effort. EDU-DEX’s website provides instructions for linking its database of programmes directly to your own system.  

The right courses for the right people 

You can choose to make our whole portfolio of executive education programmes easily accessible to your employees so it’s simple for them to find a short programme that fits their learning interests, or just those programmes from a particular range of business areas or interests. We will help you put learning into action. Contact our advisors to find out more.