The future of work is now - webinar

The agility of organisations,and specifically of HR, is tested. The COVID-19 pandemic leads to significant shifts in the labour market and an acceleration of new ways of working in organisations. What are these shifts? And how are they impacting the role of HR leaders?

AWVN and RSM connect their knowledge and expertise

RSM Executive Education and AWVN (The Dutch General Employer Association) connect, in a strategic collaboration, the scientific perspective with what is happening in organisations right now.

In this webinar recording of 23 June , Dr Rebecca Hewett (RSM) and Lars Doyer (AWVN) explored three main topics that are relevant for HR leaders, HR executives or labour relations executives. They are moderated by Giovanni Manchia.

  • The future of work trends that have been accelerated during COVID-19
  • The COVID-19 impact on labour relations and organisations: now and in future
  • The role of HR during the COVID-19 era

The future of work is now: agility in practice during the time of COVID-19

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