About the ODB

For the cooperation with the private sector, Customs installed the ‘Overleg Douane Bedrijfsleven’ (ODB) or Customs Business Consultation-forum. The ODB is a dynamic consultative platform for the execution and implementation of customs (related) legislation where, on the basis of reciprocal transparency and joint efforts, customs tasks and interests and private sector responsibilities and interests are discussed and weighed on the basis of equality. The ODB acts as the National Trade Facilitation Committee of the Customs Administration of The Netherlands.

The premise for inclusion of private sector representatives is to achieve a balanced representation, ensuring involvement by customs-relevant supply chain partners in both air and sea. Sector organisations are to represent a nation-wide organisation.

Based on these premises the following parties have agreed to participate in the CBC:
 • VNO/NCW (the confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers)
 • TLN Fenex (Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics / Transport and Logistics Association Netherlands)
 • Evofenedex (Shippers Council of the Netherlands)
 • VNTO (Association of Terminal Operators of the Netherlands)
 • VNC (Association of Dutch Shipbrokers and Agents)
 • ACN (Air Cargo Association Netherlands)