RSM’s two-year part-time Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance consists of 11 modules, workshops, an integration project, and a thesis. The programme is designed to allow international participants to participate. The format requires you to travel to Rotterdam for up to 11 modules. Your learning and collaboration with other participants is stimulated and facilitated through our online learning platform.

  • During the programme, you will focus on:

    • Customs regulations
      You will thoroughly explore and understand the legal and regulatory aspects of the customs domain, including the international background of customs procedures, the perspective of the World Customs Organisation, and the Union Customs Code. You will deal with the harmonised system, rules of origin, customs valuation, formalities, suspension regime, excise and VAT, and regulations concerning safety and security. You will also discuss the impact of new developments in international legislation.
    • Supply chain management
      You will develop new perspectives of the hierarchy between supply chain management, logistics and transport. You will also be introduced to the authorised economic operator (AEO) schemes, including how businesses deal with regulatory compliance and risk in an international and networked environment.
    • Information and compliance
      You will learn how to analyse the adequacy of information systems to support business processes, and make recommendations to improve them. You will be able to assess the appropriateness and operating effectiveness of a system of internal controls to ensure compliance, using system-based auditing techniques.
  • You start the programme with introductory modules about research methodology, customs regulations, the basics of auditing, the basics of logistics, and information technology. After that, you will explore customs and supply chain compliance in the main modules and projects.

  • In a small team you will apply your new knowledge and skills into one of the following topics:

    • being in control and creating a secure trade logistics environment
    • corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
    • Union Customs Code
  • You will explore and solve a real customs issue that is hindering your organisation from combining safety, security, trade facilitation and sustainability with compliance and efficiency. This project must meet academic and practical objectives. You will document your findings, solutions and next steps in a report.

    Are you interested in e-commerce, customs supervision or corruption in the customs domain? Then read the thesis report of some of our former students. You can find them at the thesis repository of our programme: