ODB event 2018
De economie trekt aan en voor 2018 worden de groeicijfers naar boven bijgesteld. Internationale handel en e-commerce nemen toe. Handhaving en risicomanagement vragen daarbij meer en meer om aandacht. En ten slotte zorgt de Brexit er voor dat nieuwe werkprocessen moeten worden ingericht. Er is meer werk en tegelijkertijd zien we de risico’s toenemen. Hoe gaat de Douane en het bedrijfsleven daar mee om? Dat was het thema van het ODB-event van 2018. 

Webinar on ‘internet of logistics’ in perishable goods – the case of FloraHolland and roses from Kenya
The case describes the role of FloraHolland as the coordinator to import roses from Kenya into the Netherlands within the entire supply chain, working with growers, transporters, freight forwarders, orchestrators, customs, phytosanitary inspection and end customers. The case introduces the data pipe line as an ‘internet of logistics’ and ‘clearance in the sky’ as a solution to make customs compliance more efficient through a redesign of the IT infrastructure, and hence to reduce delays in this supply chain. Watch the video

Webinar on customs-broker rationalisation in the context of an international B2B company – the case of Henkel
This webinar describes the complexities of customs-broker rationalisation within Henkel, a global manufacturer of adhesives, beauty care, and laundry and home-care products. Especially the roll-out of the project across different IT platforms and the challenges of digitising customs declaration in Europe are being discussed. Watch the webinar

Webinar on the consequences of customs duties and VAT on global logistics – the case of a US helicopter consortium and an EMEA supply centre.
The case is based on a fictitious US helicopter consortium that owns a central inventory of spare parts in different centers around the globe. The focus is on the Netherlands-based supply centre for the EMEA region. The case examines how spare parts needed for repair and maintenance can be moved efficiently along the supply chain within and outside of the EU, and how this movement relates to aspects of an IT framework. Watch the webinar

Information session on Executive Master
Throughout the year we have offered online information sessions on the Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance. Watch the online information session to find out more about the unique programme content, and the knowledge you can expect to gain from top academic faculty, teachers and experts from industry. Watch the video

E-commerce event- Challenges in VAT at EU Import.
This event organised by RSM in cooperation with ODB, discussed the implications and simplifications of the process for VAT in E-commerce, considering the proposed changes of the EU to extend the current VAT-system that applies for EU-intra-cross border services, the MOSS, to import and supply of E-commerce shipments. The seminar will discuss the current status of these plans and the anticipated policies. Watch the video

Webinar on Trade Compliance and the role of Customs Brokers
Many companies rely on intermediaries or brokers to fulfill compliance requirements with among others, customs. More and more, these companies realise that they need to monitor and control the performance of these brokers to show that they are in control of this part of their compliance process. This lecture will deal with some of the challenges that companies have in dealing with their customs brokers and address advantages and disadvantages of a broker rationalisation programme. Watch the webinar.