Webinars on Customs and Trade Compliance

Are you interested in the relationship between supply chain management, IT and international customs law? Do you want to understand how issues related to customs, excise, VAT, export controls and global supply chains can be resolved through a redesign of the IT infrastructure? RSM offers you one-hour webinars with case-examples that provide you detailed insight in the solutions of these dilemmas in three different global industries.

For each webinar you will receive the case description and an introductory video. You are invited to give your views on how to analyse and resolve the case. During the webinar we will provide more insight and answer your questions. Webinars are free of charge.

Webinar on the consequences of customs duties and VAT on global logistics – the case of a US helicopter consortium and an EMEA supply centre.

Monday 22 January 2018 15.00 – 16.00 hrs CET with Ruud Tusveld, Faculty RSM and Partner Customs, Exercise and International Trade PWC.

The case is based on a fictitious US helicopter consortium that owns a central inventory of spare parts in different centers around the globe. The focus is on the Netherlands-based supply centre for the EMEA region. The case examines how spare parts needed for repair and maintenance can be moved efficiently along the supply chain within and outside of the EU, and how this movement relates to aspects of an IT framework.

Webinar on customs-broker rationalization in the context of an international B2B company – the case of Henkel

Wednesday 24 January 2018, 15.00 – 16.00 hrs CET with Prof. Albert Veenstra, Faculty RSM and Scientific Director, Dinalog and Professor International Trade Facilitation and Logistics, Technical University Eindhoven.

The case describes the complexities of customs-broker rationalisation within Henkel, a global manufacturer of adhesives, beauty care, and laundry and home-care products. Especially the roll-out of the project across different IT platforms and the challenges of digitising customs declaration in Europe are being discussed.