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A special offer on our Open Programmes
Get a 10% discount if you sign up for a programme taking place in 2018.  Your colleagues can also benefit from this 10% discount offer! Please mention “Lifelong learning at RSM” in the comments field of the registration form to claim the discount.

5 September

Rules for Effective Decision-Making
Adjust your organisational decision-making according to new found insights fuelled by A.I. and machine learning.
10 September Successful People Management
Learn to deal with your daily leadership challenges and develop the most effective management, people management and team management skills.
13 September Brand Strategy
Understand the strategic implications of branding for your organisation and learn how to create and position your brand for success.
17 September Women in Leadership
Prepare yourself for you next career step. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, and manage networks.
20 September The Power of Storytelling
Learn how to use stories to attract and engage your customers, colleagues and business partners.
26 September Essentials of Leadership
Be a successful leader with the latest knowledge and techniques to enhance your personal leadership style and physical intelligence.
1 October Change Management
Train to lead change successfully in order  to transparently plan, implement and evaluate complex change processes.

Your whole organisation can benefit

We’re sure that others in your organisation can benefit from the same career boost you got from participating in RSM’s Open Programme.  We can deliver these and other programmes In-Company to groups of your colleagues too! 

Essentials of Leadership
Do you have a group of first-time managers in your organisation? Their specific job expertise is not enough: in this 3-day programme they will learn the skills and techniques to better manage themselves and get the best out of their people, to benefit your organisation. 

Strategic Problem-Solving
For managers, professionals, and consultants wrestling with complex business problems: attend this 2-day workshop to acquire the techniques used by the top consulting firms to structure, analyse and develop solutions to these, and apply to your own organisation’s challenges.

Effective Negotiating Skills
Go beyond haggling over price: learn sound negotiation techniques to deliver value and develop lasting business relationships. Develop and improve the individual styles and techniques of your people in this experiential 3-day programme. 

Business Model Innovation
Every organisation needs to innovate to remain successful. This 3-day programme will provide your people with tools and techniques to create and test new ideas for their validity, and develop a business model and business case you can pitch to your organisation.   

Project Management in Practice
This 3-day workshop will provide participants with tools and techniques to help them better run the process and people aspects of projects. Participants can be a mix of project managers and non-project managers who want to be more effective in their ways of working.

Strategic Account Management
In this 3-day programme your account managers will learn how to build stronger relationships with your customers, gain and maintain a competitive advantage, reduce the issue of price because of the value you provide, and encourage customer loyalty.

Consultative Selling for Technical Specialists
In the business development process for complex products or services, salespeople often bring in experts to share their deep technical expertise. This 3-day programme will help these experts better understand the sales process, and how they can add more value beyond their knowledge and expertise by stressing benefits not features, developing their questioning techniques, and talking in the language of their clients.

The New Sales Manager
As business evolves, with increasing digitalisation, the need for customer centricity, and the seemingly unstoppable trend from products and services to solutions, sales has to find its place in this new reality. This programme helps sales managers develop the capabilities of their teams, by understanding true customer value, and structuring the sales process as an integral  part of their organisation’s strategy to deliver this.

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Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is valid in combination with the 10% discount for RSM and Erasmus University Rotterdam alumni
  • This promotion is not valid in combination with other promotions, discounts or vouchers
  • This promotion is only applicable on open programmes taking place in 2018
  • This promotion runs from 16 July to 1 December 2018. Registrations outside this time frame cannot benefit from the 10% discount
  • Please mention ‘LIFELONG LEARNING AT RSM’ in the comments field of the online registration form to ensure correct invoicing
  • This promotion only applies to registrations made directly on the RSM website, and not to applications made through any of our partners or affiliate
  • The following programmes are excluded from the promotion: Business Valuation, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme, Leadership Challenges with Big Data and Analytics, Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance, Corporate Communication programmes, Erasmus Academie programmes, customised programmes and programmes offered outside RSM Executive Education.
  • RSM Executive Education reserves the right to change or cancel the terms and conditions of this promotion.