The RSM Advanced Management and Leadership Programme is led by:

Dr Tom Mom
Tom Mom is an associate professor of strategic entrepreneurship at RSM. He obtained a PhD in strategic management and a master degree in strategic management (cum laude) from RSM. He is the academic director of RSM's Parttime Master in Business Administration, and the Erasmus Executive Programme in Strategic Management. His research interests include new business development and corporate entrepreneurship, ambidexterity, and strategic renewal. Tom is also active in research and advisory projects for companies and governments in areas such as new business development, innovation, strategy, and corporate headquarters. Read more

Prof. Justin Jansen
Justin Jansen is a professor of corporate entrepreneurship at RSM. He received his PhD cum laude from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2005. His research addresses strategic leadership, organisational learning and absorptive capacity, organisational ambidexterity, and corporate entrepreneurship. He has appeared in academic journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Leadership Quarterly, Management Science and Organization Science. Read more

Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck
Dirk van Dierendonck is an organisational psychologist and professor of human resource management at RSM. His expertise includes topics such as stress, wellbeing, happiness, servant leadership and leadership development. Dirk’s aims to encourage people to become the best they can be uses an evidence-based approach grounded in psychology and management. His research has been published in leading journals on management, organisational behaviour and human resource management. He teaches courses at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level.

Eline Peeters
Eline Peeters is a senior trainer and executive coach with a broad expertise in the fields of leadership, personal effectiveness and communication. She believes that development starts with consciousness and is nurtured by experience. That’s why she finds focus on both awareness and experimentation essential. Eline facilitates and challenges people to expand their comfort zone in matters of leadership by using appreciative inquiry and curiosity. She searches for what drives behaviour by exploring convictions and values.

Drs. Dennis Jullens
Dennis Jullens is lecturer in valuation and accounting, and a member of RSM’s Department of Accounting & Control. He teaches financial reporting, analysis and business valuation on master and MBA programmes. He was the European head of UBS Valuation & Accounting Research at UBS Investment Bank for 12 years before joining RSM. Dennis is also active in international accounting as a member of the Capital Markets Advisory Committee of the International Accounting Standards Board.