The Business Model Innovation programme is taught by a team of expert faculty:

Prof. Jan van den Ende
Jan van den Ende is professor of management of technology and innovation at RSM. His expertise is in the development process of new products and services in firms – a process that is important for a company’s performance. Creating ideas, selecting projects, developing products and commercialising them must be well organised. By studying innovation in firms such as ING, ASML, Philips and Unilever, Jan’s research group investigates the effects of networks between people at the forefront of innovation, the proper balance between freedom and control in innovation activities, and innovation activities in service and creative firms. Read more

Dr Tom Mom
Tom Mom is an associate professor of strategic entrepreneurship at RSM. He obtained a PhD in strategic management and a master degree in strategic management (cum laude) from RSM. He is the academic director of RSM's Parttime Master in Business Administration, and the Erasmus Executive Programme in Strategic Management. His research interests include new business development and corporate entrepreneurship, ambidexterity, and strategic renewal. Tom is also active in research and advisory projects for companies and governments in areas such as new business development, innovation, strategy, and corporate headquarters. Read more

Dr Daan Stam
Daan Stam is an associate professor of innovation at RSM. His academic research focuses on leadership in situations of change, including the role of leadership in innovation and business development. A second area of his research is on creativity, including the effects of leadership on creativity, creativity in online settings, and group creativity. Daan also teaches creativity and brainstorming to bachelor and master students, as well as executives. Read more

Drs. Hans Haanappel
Hans Haanappel is a visiting faculty member at RSM and has more than 15 years of experience in providing lectures on corporate finance, valuation and private equity to master students, executives and corporate finance professionals. He is specialised in financial modelling, buyouts, debt advisory, business valuation, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to lecturing, he is a partner at Fair Value Consultants and advises companies on corporate finance-related issues. Hans graduated with honours at Tilburg University in 1996.