Day 1

Course Introduction and Digital Communication Strategy

This session will introduce the three-day course and focus on the rise of Digital Communication as part of an organisation’s overall corporate communication strategy.

Change and Transformation

Dealing with the transformation in communication is one of the biggest issues for organisations to understand. What are key principles of change management and how are those affecting our ability to adapt?

Digital Strategies for Corporate Communication

This session will explore how the digital transformation of communications affects each of the key areas that a Corporate Communication department manages including internal communications, customer communications, investor communications, media relations, crisis communications, and reputation management.

Day 2

Social Media Platforms & Dealing with Digital Crises

This session will cover all of the key platforms for social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook as well as other emerging platforms. We will look at the pros and cons of each platform and examples of how they are being used at top companies.

Best Practices in Real Time + guest lecture

Students will break into study groups to find the best examples of how companies and other organisations are using each of the key social media platforms by type, channel, and message. You will also look at how users use these platforms. Students will look for commonalities among these best practices.

Day 3

Presentation of Best Practices

Each study group will present for 10 minutes and lead a discussion for 10 minutes about the best practices they discovered on Day 2.

Final Exam Preparation in Groups

Students will be given a case for a final exam and will be asked to work in groups to begin the process of working to deliver the final exam at a later date.