Day 1

On the first day the focus will be on the overall concept of corporate communication and placing this in the organisational context. We will share recent insights and development in corporate communication.  Furthermore, we will discuss what reputation is, why it matters and how to measure this. 

Day 2

During the second day we will go into detail about conceptualisation and paradigms of organisational identity.  Business practitioners from renowned organisations will present their internal communication strategies during organisational changes.

Day 3

On the third day, we will discuss the new trends in external communication and the strategic choices to build external trust.  Several business practitioners will share their experiences in creating external alignment in their organisation.

Day 4

On the final day we will discuss how to manage the corporate communication process by using a corporate communication dashboard.  We will look at how to use the corporate communication dashboard, the role of key performance indicators, how to co-coordinate corporate communication worldwide and what determines CCO excellence.

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