Foundations of Corporate Communication

Foundations of Corporate Communication

Executive Foundation Course in Corporate Communication
Executive Foundation Course in Corporate Communication This four-day executive course takes place from 23-26 January 2017.
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A four-day foundation course that focuses on the latest developments, insights, models and frameworks in corporate communications and business administration. If you start your MSc Corporate Communication programme with this elective, you’ll spend four days completely immersed in the world of corporate communications. We use a hotel in Leende, near Eindhoven as our base for this intensive elective, which forms a solid foundation to your knowledge and skills in corporate communications.

Learning objective

During this course you will explore:

  • Trends in reputation management, branding and positioning
  • Organisational identity, stakeholder analysis and strategic management
  • Research-based solutions for managing corporate communications
  • Applying competitive analysis, academic models and co-coordination mechanisms
  • Development of an excellent Corporate Communication department and communication dashboard