Persuasive Communication

Persuasive Communication

How can managers motivate employees to be productive? What techniques can managers use to persuade (large) audiences? What is the power of language in inter-personal communication?
Success in communication efforts depends largely on what is said and how it is said.

Selecting the right message and expressing it in the most appealing format is a process affected by various factors which this course will explore. Participants will also get familiar with key persuasion techniques and how to use them in practice.

Key benefits

By participating in this programme, you will:

  • gain an advanced understanding of the theoretical foundations of language and communication in psychology (language production and development, and meaning of words)
  • acquire practical knowledge and skills of key persuasion techniques such as framing, priming and rhetoric, in terms of when and how best to use them in a range of different settings ranging from CEO speeches to corporate advertising
  • be able to track major trends in public debates about issues that may impact firms’ performance in the near future using discourse analysis
  • learn how these persuasive techniques are used by leaders and how smart leaders have developed and honed their language skills