Day 1: Organisational Identity

  • Foundations of Corporate Communication
  • Organisational identity
  • Workshops: Organisational Identity and Strategic Messaging Strategies
  • Identity Change - Business Case


Day 2: Corporate Branding

  • Corporate Branding
  • The Impact of Cultural Symbols and Spokesperson Identity on Attitudes and Intentions
  • Workshop: Managing the Corporate Brand
  • Business Case


Day 3: Strategic Reputation Management

  • Strategic Analysis: From Process to Positioning
  • A Systems Approach to Reputation Management
  • Future Trends: The Evolving Role of Corporate Relations
  • Reputation Management - Business Case


Day 4: Strategic Communication

  • Strategic Communication: Theoretical Foundations
  • Strategic Tools for Managing Communication and Creating Value
  • European Communication Monitor 2017: Visualisation, Social Bots and Hypermodernity
  • Business Case


Day 5: Complexity and Ambiguity in Corporate Communication

  • Complexity and Ambiguity in Corporate Communication
  • Managing Corporate Communications - Business Case
  • Wrap-up