The following topics will be discussed:

Day 1: The what & why of thought leadership (and a first begin into the ‘how’)

Day 2: The how of thought leadership

Day 3: The impact of thought leadership

Course objectives

After this course, the participant:

  • Has theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of what thought leadership is;
  • Is able to use theoretical explanations for the relevance of thought leadership as a positioning and transformational strategy;
  • Understands the importance of having a Novel Point of View that drives your "thought" and "leadership".
  • Understands that thought leadership is not just a positioning but mostly action;
  • Can develop a strategy to 'grow' and 'lead the thought' and build trust around it;
  • Can mobilise stakeholders around the organisation’s novel viewpoint;
  • Is able to define a strategy for assessing the impact of thought leadership on social and business performance