Dr. Mignon van Halderen

Mignon van Halderen runs the Professorship Thought Leadership in a Society of Change at Fontys University of Applied Sciences (School of Communication) in Eindhoven. The goal of this professorship is to develop innovative knowledge on Thought Leadership and share this with a large community of organisations, researchers, communication professionals, teachers and students. She also advises organisations on making choices about thought leadership strategies and offers in-company presentations to organisations that are keen on pursuing a thought leadership strategy, but first like to have a richer insight into its meaning and how it can be pursued. In 2014, Mignon won the Lecturer of the Year award in teaching Communication Research at the Master of International Communication Management at The Hague Applied University.

Through her 10 years’ experience (2002 – 2012) at the Corporate Communication Centre of RSM Mignon has become skilled in taking an evidence-based approach to business problems (both qualitatively and quantitatively) and making academic models useful for a business audience. Mignon’s expertise in corporate language is focused on how companies express their identity expressions by means of framing, storytelling, decoupling etc. On this topic, she has published an article in the Corporate Reputation Review in which she compares the identity expressions of six international oil companies. 

Business practitioners:

Anniek Mauser, Director Sustainability at Unilever

Ange Dunselman-Kunzmann, Head of Global Communications Centre of Excellence Philips

Giel Pastoor, Director of Parktheater Eindhoven