Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom

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Virtually all organisations the world around are being affected by digital transformation. Some are well ahead in ‘going digital’, many just got started and others still have to get into action. Are you looking for insights, methods and useful tools to capitalise on the opportunities digital transformation provides? Join this series of six online workshops to learn and experience which concepts, good practices and skills can help you to successfully lead, support or drive digitalization in your organisation.

Six online workshops of three hours throughput time, with offline preparations of about one hour per workshop.

Workshop 1 - Checking in, why digitise? Outside-in thinking & the change process
Workshop 2 - Digital capabilities: how transformation-ready are you? (Part 1)
Workshop 3 - Digital capabilities: how transformation-ready are you? (Part 2)
Workshop 4 - Disruption, MVPs and participant’s cases 
Workshop 5 - Leadership, participant’s case preparations
Workshop 6 - Leadership, participant’s case presentations 

After this programme, you will:

  • be able to identify and understand possibilities, pressures and pitfalls of digitalising your organisation.
  • understand and hone your skills of outside-in thinking to conceive new, sustainable realising sustainable digitalisation strategies.
  • understand how transformation-ready your organisation is and identify avenues to strengthen it.
  • know why and how to use the concept of MVP to get digitalisation projects going.
  • know how to identify and balance your own leadership styles needed to mobilise people in your organisation who are needed to make digitalisation work.