The 11-day Diploma Programme in Business Management and Leadership is designed to provide you with a comprehensive platform from which to build an outstanding career. It covers four fundamental disciplines: leadership, marketing, strategy and finance. Each module is taught by an expert in the field and provides you with leadership skills that you can apply in the real world for maximum impact. After completing the programme, you get the opportunity to write your own business improvement plan, receive coaching from our faculty and present your final plan.

  • Understand importance of engaging and motivating others to reach your organisation’s goals. Get the latest insights and techniques for reaching your highest personal and professional potential as a leader. The programme draws on decades of leadership knowledge, and real-life examples. The programme is highly interactive with an emphasis on learning by doing. During the programme you will learn how to:

    • influence others and get results without authority
    • build trust, embrace conflict and manage emotions
    • manage priorities more effectively
    • motivate and inspire people to achieve their best.

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  • Understand the customer and the role of marketing throughout the organisation. Get a fast, comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts and practices of modern marketing. You will learn and apply the basic techniques of marketing, including promotion, branding, positioning, and targeting customers. During the programme you will focus on topics such as:

    • principles of marketing
    • marketing strategy fundamentals
    • dynamics in go-to-market strategies
    • new revenue models and pricing.

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  • Build a solid understanding of what strategy is, and how to get best results through creating strategic advantage. Gain the skills to work with the key elements of strategy which will enable you to tackle contemporary business challenges, and to recognise potential competitive advantages that benefit you and your organisation. During the programme you will:

    • understand the competitive environment
    • understand organisational strengths
    • create competitive advantage and uniqueness
    • comprehend the role of alliances and acquisitions.

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  • Develop the ability to assess the financial performance of your organisation. Get a strong grounding in the most widely used financial tools, and learn how financial data is reported and how it is used for decision-making, performance management, business improvements, and valuation. During the programme you will focus on topics such as:

    • introduction to financial management
    • financial reporting
    • financial statement analysis in practice
    • valuation in corporate finance.

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  • Solve business problems in your own company. Apply proven, pragmatic methods and techniques for developing effective solutions. You’ll take 12 weeks to gather data, conduct analyses and develop recommendations for solving your particular business problem, while receiving feedback from your coach. You will:

    • learn skills for a structured, analytical, and fact-based approach
    • explore solutions to a business issue from your own company
    • formulate options to discover relevant information and data
    • turn your findings into actionable recommendations.