The Diploma Programme in Business Management and Leadership is led by a team of expert faculty.

Dr Raymond van Wijk
Raymond van Wijk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategy and Business Environment at RSM. He obtained his PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a study of the organisation and integration of knowledge in internal networks. Much of his research has been published in journals and books. His current research focuses on alliance portfolios, knowledge transfer and innovativeness. He teaches courses on strategic alliances, corporate development and core strategy.

Drs. Patrick Lybaert
Patrick Lybaert is Visiting Faculty at RSM and delivers leadership development seminars in executive coaching, organisational growth and development, team management, and culture change. He is a qualified user of a wide range of diagnostic assessment instruments and founder of the Executive Leadership Foundation (ELF). He left the academic world to join Bank Brussels Lambert (now ING Belgium), one of Belgium’s major banks, where he was responsible for commercial support, mainly to retail banking. Patrick's areas of expertise include leadership, people skills and executive development & corporate transformation.

Dr Arjen Mulder
Arjen Mulder is an Assistant Professor in Corporate Finance at RSM. He earned his doctorate in business at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interests are corporate finance and government interventions in private sector decision-making, such as taxation and investment subsidies for otherwise uneconomic investments. Arjen worked at the Netherlands Economic Institute (now Ecorys) prior to obtaining his PhD. His teaching activities focus on corporate finance and value creation.

Prof. Gerrit van Bruggen
Gerrit van Bruggen is a professor of marketing at RSM. He is an expert in strategic marketing issues and the impact of information technology and information systems on marketing strategy and decision-making. He is a well-published and cited academic, with articles in the premier academic research journals in both marketing and information systems, for example Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, and MIS Quarterly. Gerrit worked for several companies, including Oracle, SHV, 3M, Railpro, and Malmberg. He received his PhD from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Prof. Stefano Puntoni
Stefano Puntoni is a professor of marketing at RSM. He holds a PhD in marketing from London Business School and a degree in statistics from the University of Padova in Italy. Stefano’s research on branding and consumer behaviour has appeared in many leading journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Harvard Business Review, and Management Science. He received various grants and awards. In addition to teaching in several degree programmes at RSM, Stefano has taught at London Business School, Bocconi University, Lancaster University, and the American University in Cairo.

Dr Marc Baaij
Marc Baaij is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at RSM. Marc was a strategy consultant and research manager in the Dutch office of the Boston Consulting Group. He also worked for IBM in the Netherlands. Marc is the author of The Consultancy Method: From Problem to Solution (2011, currently in Dutch only), An Introduction to Management Consultancy (2014), and co-author of The Craft of Strategy Formation: Translating Business Issues into Actionable Strategies (2007).

Antonie Knoppers
Antonie Knoppers is an actor, facilitator, and executive presence coach. He has a passion for acting as well as for guiding leaders to reach their full potential. He has worked with a variety of corporate clients. His goal in executive education is to bring out the leader in everyone, by creating presence and a centred mind and body. Presence can be taught and with practice, embodied. Knoppers’ experience and business school education enable him to approach corporate challenges with a pragmatic, goal-oriented style. He coaches and teaches participants how to present themselves, and perform effectively under pressure in the business environment.

Milly Obdeijn
Milly Obdeijn is a trainer and executive presence coach with a professional performance background in dance. She has BA degrees in social pedagogical studies, and in creative dance. Working with like-minded creative artists from the performing arts she designed methods to help people in business and organisations to communicate and express themselves at a higher level by focusing on the congruency between the content of the message and the embodiment of it. Obdeijn has more than 17 years’ experience as a coach for large international and national companies, Dutch ministries, universities, and consultancies.