A teaching staff of Rotterdam School of Management, professors, experts in the field, practitioners and sales coaches will actively accompany the participants in the programme.

Faust Mertens,  MBA
Faust has a background in FMCG and is an expert in the field of customer strategy,sales force effectiveness and sales academy design. He has successfully advised many international corporate organisations across industries on how to develop a high performance sales approach and culture. He is consulted by senior management and investors how to boost sales. Together with Dr Ed Peelen, he is the initiator of the RSM Sales Leadership Diploma Programme.

Dr Ed Peelen, partner at ICSB Marketing & Strategy, following professorships of marketing at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Peelen has done extensive research and published leading books in customer relationship management and marketing. He co-founded RSM’s Sales Leadership Diploma Programme.

Prof. Finn Wynstra, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management at RSM, researches the relationships between purchasing and supply strategies, innovation and buyer-supplier relations in business services.

Dr Jan Vis, Associate Professor at RSM, is an authority in business valuation. He has published leading articles on value management. Vis is the director of RSM’s Competence Centre Business Valuation.

Lennart Fagel, Senior Consultant at Orange Orca for Procurement and Customer Value Management, is a specialist in tender offers. He also supports sales teams in understanding and implementing value.

Dr Patrick Reinmoeller, Professor of Strategic Management at Cranfield School of Management, is a senior member of RSM’s China Business Research Centre. His research focuses on strategic management, competitive strategy and innovation in the knowledge economy.

Vin Morar is an International Projects Specialist. He lectures at TSM Business School, University of Twente. Morar has wideranging experience in entrepreneurship and cross cultural management, and consults with a great range of governments and across the world.

Jaap Weijers, Executive Coach, specialises in leadership development. He coaches management teams to boost performance, giving individuals insight into their values and behavioural drivers.

Roderick Bredero, Sales Consultant, Management Trainer and Coach, is an expert in leadership development using self awareness and self management. He has worked in the defence and construction industries as a General Manager and entrepreneur.

Patrick Lybaert, visiting faculty at RSM, delivers seminars and consults in leadership development, executive coaching, organisational growth and development, team management and culture change. He makes use of a wide range of diagnostic assessment instruments. He is the founder of the Executive Leadership Foundation (ELF).

Dr Marian Dingena is Executive Fellow at RSM. She is an expert in the fields of Business-to-Business Marketing and Key Account Management. In the past 20 years Marian has worked as a management consultant and independent researcher with extensive experience in (international) consulting projects.

Dr Bart Dietz is an Assistant Professor in RSM’s Department of Organisation and Personnel Management. His research focuses on the management of sales professionals. His articles appeared in publications such as the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. He is on the editorial board of Journal of Personal Selling  & Sales Management.

‘Building long-lasting relationships with customers drives business profitability. Each and every contact with a customer is a critical moment in strengthening the relation. In these critical incidents, customer value should be created, rather than communicated.’
Dr Ed Peelen, Partner and Founder of ICSB Marketing and Strategy