Management for Lawyers

Management for Lawyers

As a senior lawyer, managing your organisation is often learned in day-to-day practice. Would you like to know more about what management science can teach you about the best practices of international law firms? RSM has joined with Erasmus School of Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Executive School of Management of the University of St.Gallen. Together we offer a four-day business and management booster programme for experienced lawyers in management positions.

Make your law firm more businesslike

Are you a lawyer in private practice who represents corporate clients as outside counsel? And are you constantly rethinking your mandate as legal environments change for your clients, competitors and alternative service providers ? We can propose a more business-related approach to organising and managing your law firm. 

Few lawyers are properly trained to run their mandates and profession as a business. As practitioners with a traditional academic and professional education, as well as continuous legal training, lawyers tend to focus on being the best legal advisors by concentrating on legal subject matter, expertise and the fostering of technical skills. There’s a risk that legal advisors paint themselves into a legal corner  and may not receive the recognition they deserve. Conversely, they may not optimise potential business opportunities and resources, either for themselves or for their clients. So here where an executive management training programme kicks in. This one is specially designed for lawyers, and focuses on the most important aspects of a professionally led and managed law firm.

Four days

27 - 28 September 2019
4 - 5 October 2019

Academics from
Erasmus School of Law
University of St Gallen

About the programme

This is a four-day open programme suitable for partners and associates in law firms, and anyone interested in extending their legal education into management and business topics. Lawyers in leading positions with management responsibility may find this programme particularly interesting. 
Associates on track to become a partner, lawyers interested in running their own private practice or interested in moving into a business role may also find it useful.

You will be taught by experts from the University of St Gallen and Erasmus University Rotterdam. They will focus on seven important areas of managing law firms:

  • Trends and strategy
    Exploiting trends in the market to manage the firm successfully and for profitable long-term growth. Where do you want to be in five years’ time, and how can you stand out from competitors?
  • Organisation and business models
    From strategy to action! How to cope with change as you successfully implement a new business model that will orientate strategy, organisation, culture and staff towards long-term success. And how to make your business increase its profits from such a new business model.
  • Customer focus and business development
    What do clients expect, what co-operation do they want, and how can it be done when everyone expects ‘more for less’? Getting on with business development in co-operation with clients.
  • Personality and leadership
    How to attract the right talents and expertise into your practice, and effectively motivate, develop, and retain them – including knowing what ‘Generation Y’ expects. What are best practices for communicating and embedding a modernised culture into a law firm?
  • Risk and crisis management
    How to help clients to identify, analyse and control risks – such as cyber and security risks – that go beyond legal challenges. What risks do external consultants face from the digital revolution?
  • Accounting and finance
    From management of the accounts and financial reporting to the identification of value drivers; the use of performance indicators and accepted prices, as well as growth of the firm. 
  • Communication and presentation
    Communication, presentation and visualisation are essential for conveying information to clients effectively. How to improve the way you communicate.