Strategic Problem-Solving (Online)

Strategic Problem-Solving (Online)

Learn how to solve strategic problems by progressing through three optional modules – choose to do just one, or two, or all three. You will use the Mapping Method of visualising strategic problems based on the scientific and structured approach of top management consultancies. In the second and third modules you work on a real problem in your organisation, coached and guided by an RSM academic expert.

Where management science meets management consulting

Have you wondered how top consultants tackle complex strategic problems or opportunities? They devise logical solutions and propose them convincingly. So how can you solve a strategic problem in the organisation for all stakeholders, and to bring a resolution that actually produces value for your organisation?

Consultancy expert Dr Marc Baaij developed the Mapping Method, a visual problem-solving technique based on a scientific method and using stakeholder management. It builds on the structured problem-solving approach of the world’s top management consultancies. This method has four steps – engage, explore, develop and execute – to help you tackle strategic problems or opportunities.

Choose the length of your course

Module 1: Study the Mapping Method. If you have limited time, or if you don’t need to work on a problem in your own organisation right now, this is your best choice. You won’t experience applying the Method or have the guidance of an RSM expert coach. Whereas the Method is logical, it’s also deceptively simple and we know from experience that it takes practice to apply it well.

Module 2: Apply the Method to your organisation’s project proposal. You will be guided by our expert coach to explore the problem thoroughly, and you will uncover the key questions at the root of the problem so you can present this to your sponsor and continue the project on your own. You will receive three one-to-one coaching sessions.

Module 3: Perform the entire strategic problem-solving process to your project until you are ready to present your solution to your sponsor. You will receive an additional three one-to-one coaching sessions.

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Learning objectives

After this programme, you will be able to: 

  • understand the Method’s roadmap and tools, and explain them to others
  • assess how to use the Method on a problem or opportunity
  • judge the acceptability of outcomes
  • convince stakeholders of the likelihood of success
  • reflect on your experience with using the Method to improve your performance
  • advocate the use of the Method in your own organisation.

Why you should join this programme

  • Study online at your own pace

  • Learn the problem-solving methods of top consultants

  • Solve a business problem of your own organisation

  • Learn to approach problems scientifically, logically and systematically.

  • This programme is suitable for middle or junior managers or executives involved in policymaking, strategic planning, or corporate development. Advisors and internal or external consultants working with similar responsibilities will also benefit from this programme. Structured problem solving is a universal methodology that can help any manager or specialist encountering, or involved in, the analysis and solution of complex business problems.

  • Dr Marc Baaij
    Marc Baaij is an associate professor of strategic management at RSM. Previously he worked for the Boston Consulting Group as manager of research and strategy consultant, and at IBM in sales and marketing positions. He specialises in methods and techniques for strategy development and execution, with a focus on stakeholder management and foresight development under high levels of uncertainty. He has written professional books and scientific articles on strategic management, management consultancy and structured problem solving. Marc holds degrees in economics and strategic management.

  • Dates

    This is a self-paced programme, which entails that you can start whenever suits you > Apply now


    Strategic Problem-Solving module 1
    € 750 (excl. 21% VAT) to study the Mapping Method, including course materials

    Strategic Problem-Solving module 2
    € 1500 (excl. 21% VAT) to apply the Method to your organisation’s project proposal, including course materials. You will receive three one-to-one coaching sessions.

    Strategic Problem-Solving module 3
    € 2250 (excl. 21% VAT) to perform the entire strategic problem-solving process to our project until you are ready to present your solution to your sponsor, including course materials. You will receive an additional three one-to-one coaching sessions.

    10% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM. More information about the discount.

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    The programme takes place online.

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