Team Leadership

Team Leadership

Running and managing a team for the first time, let alone a whole department, can be daunting, especially if you've come from a role in which you managed just yourself or one project or programme. 

How to realise your team's potential

Do you have the skills to be an effective team leader? Are you struggling with team leadership challenges and issues, or need to boost your skills to manage your team to collective excellence?

In this three-day workshop, you will learn relevant team leader skills from RSM Executive Education's top faculty members. Your new knowledge and tools to deal effectively with motivational problems, dysfunctional team members, conflicts and lack of a common direction can be applied into your work immediately.

Learning objectives

After this programme, you will be able to:

  • understand how leading teams differs from leading individuals
  • deal with difficult team members before they affect the entire team
  • get the most out of your team members, knowledge and insights for collective decisions
  • create a strong and cohesive team identity by using effective leaderships tools
  • develop and communicate your vision for your team to inspire and motivate their efforts
  • implement processes and systems for your team’s success, independent of your efforts.

The programme Team Leadership is also a component of RSM's Diploma Programme in General Management.

  • Team Leadership is a module of RSM’s Diploma Programme in General Management (DPGM), but can also be followed separately. The diploma programme is designed so you can tailor it to your personal and professional development needs.

  • You will benefit from this programme if you are already leading, or about to lead a small team for the first time, for example as a:

    • functional specialist or a general manager
    • team leader, team supervisor or team manager
    • head of department
    • first- time manager
    • project co-ordinator/ or project manager
    • line manager
    • assistant manager or
    • assistant director

    This programme is applicable for junior managers from all disciplines and industries. It will help you release the potential of your team, expand your professional team leadership toolbox, and it’s a great opportunity to network with your peers.

  • Dr Inga Hoever
    Inga Hoever is an assistant professor in RSM’s department of organisation and personnel management. She specialises in studying workplace creativity, team excellence, and their intersection. Put simply, she is interested in explaining how teams can bring out the best in each other – and why they so often do not. Her research addresses questions of individual and team creativity, diversity, perspective taking, and communication in teams. She teaches on a variety of issues regarding organisational behaviour, human resource management, and team management to students and executives.

    Dr Hannes Leroy
    Hannes Leroy is an associate professor at RSM, and academic director of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership. His expertise is in authentic and inclusive leadership, and how to develop it. His talent is  facilitating personal development by bringing people out of their comfort zones. He has published research on effective leadership in organisations, particularly on how to develop leaders. A particular interest is authenticity and the development of authentic leadership, a leadership style that is anchored in the unique identity of each leader. He taught at Johnson School of Business, Cornell University, and has a PhD in applied economics and organisational leadership from the University of Leuven in Belgium.

    Dr Anne Nederveen Pieterse
    Anne Nederveen Pieterse is an associate professor of organisational behaviour at RSM. She has published research on team functioning and leadership. More specifically, her expertise lies in dealing with issues of diversity, self-management, and information exchange in teams. She also teaches team leadership, team decision-making and research methodology to university students and executives.

    Dr Meir Shemla
    Meir Shemla is an assistant professor at RSM. His work focuses on exploring factors that help teams realise their potential. He has particular interest in how diversity in teams can be leveraged to increase innovation and performance. Meir’s area of expertise include: team leadership, diversity management and policy, and leadership and emotions. He teaches team and diversity management to students, executives, and corporate clients.

    Dr Rebecca (Bex) Hewett
    Bex Hewett is an assistant professor of human resource management at RSM. Her research focuses on the interface between HR practices and people’s experiences at work, examining how HR practices can best be implemented to enhance performance and well-being. She teaches courses to executives and students at all levels, is academic director of RSM’s MSc HRM, and helps organisations to apply research to practice. She completed her PhD on the relationship between workplace rewards and motivation at Royal Holloway, University of London. Before that she worked as an HR professional for 10 years, most recently as head of HR operations for the UK’s communications regulator, where she gained wide experience as a team leader.

  • “I highly recommend RSM’s Team Leadership programme to future team leaders. The theory was clearly connected to practice, some of the exercises put you out of your comfort zone, and all the advice can easily be implemented in day-to-day managerial activities. The trainers were young and dynamic, always open to answer any questions. They all had a very inclusive, inspiring and insightful approach. As an Erasmus alumna, RSM was an obvious choice and the quality of the programme was high, as can be expected.”

    Edina Struhar, recruitment manager, Adams Multilingual Recruitment

    “The three days at RSM have given me new meaning and ideas in my role as a manager. I encourage my team to think differently every day, and I now feel equipped to take this to the next level. It was just what I needed to be the best I can be as a Manager and Consultant. I learned as much about myself as a person as I did about leadership theory and concepts. So it was useful for several aspects of my role.” Read Shane's complete success story here.
    Shane McMahon, Lead Consultant - Organisational Resilience at Horizonscan Ltd

    “I chose RSM for its reputation as a leading business school and because the course easily fit into my working life. The enthusiastic lecturers facilitated discussions that required a broader breadth of knowledge and experience than the course material alone. There was a good balance between lectures and activities. It was a stroke of genius to include a trained actor in role plays when practising ’real life’ team leadership situations. At the end of the course, I had a practical personalised framework for team leadership tailored to my own work environment.”
    Liz Kamei, director of Open Innovation & External Partnerships, Fuji Europe Africa

    "To be honest, I did not recognise the three-letter acronym ‘RSM’ when a colleague at LexisNexis IP suggested I do a leadership course there. I quickly learned first-hand why it has such a solid reputation. The one thing I valued most in the course is that I was pulled outside my comfort zone. Right from the start I was hearing new information, doing unfamiliar things and practising difficult situations; those were the exact moments when the actual learning happened. This was certainly no coincidence, it was the result of a carefully planned science-based programme overseen by a professional staff. Without exaggeration, I can say that some insights were life-changing because they were not limited to just doing your job; they apply to life in general. I must mention that the rest of the organisation for the courses is impeccable and the food is great. Those things might not seem trivial but they allowed me to fully focus without distraction. If you just want to quietly lean back, follow a presentation of a hundred slides or more and leave early then please don’t choose going to Rotterdam. If you value your time and you want to learn then consider doing a course at RSM."
    Jody Leewes, Teamlead Content, LexisNexis IP

    “As a first-time manager I wanted to learn how to create a strong and efficient team, and empower team members to grow, develop themselves and work confidently. RSM really exceeded my expectations. The professors did a really good job balancing theory with practice, and I learned a lot from the other participants’ diverse experiences and backgrounds. We did various experiments to show the result of our actions. I discovered so much about my own leading abilities, for example how I perform under real pressure. I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about becoming an effective team leader.”

    Rohini Persad-Bhaggoe, marketing manager at REISinformatiegroep|9292

  • When you participate in one of our face-to-face programmes, we’ve taken the measures to assure your health and safety. Should regulations change, you can defer your registration free of charge.


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    € 3,000 (excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, lunches, and snacks. 

    € 3,200 (excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, lunches, and snacks. 

    These fees do not include hotel accommodation.
    10% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM. More information about the discount.

    General terms and conditions

    Our general terms and conditions apply when you register for an open programme. Please review them to learn more about our policies for cancellation, deferral and substitution.


    The programme takes place in the Bayle building on the Woudestein Campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

    Hotel accommodation

    We recommend Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark Hotel, adjacent to the university and less than five minutes’ walk from campus. Participants benefit from special rates.

  • When you participate in one of our face-to-face programmes, we’ve taken the measures to assure your health and safety. Should regulations change, you can defer your registration free of charge.

    The programme Team Leadership runs on several dates. Please select the one that suits you most to register: