Leading with online presence

Leading with online presence

Leading with online presence

When you or members of your team work from home, you need other skills and tools to communicate effectively than you do for face-to-face meetings. How can you lead and bring your message across effectively online, in video-conferences and presentations? What are ways to influence, motivate and show much needed confidence in these virtual settings? Having a strong presence is even more important for online meetings and presentations.

Be more productive and effective online

It seems many of us have our days suddenly jam-packed with online meetings. It’s normal to feel exhausted at the end of the day. So keeping your energy and focus meeting after meeting is really important, and that is where your presence can help immensely.
With practical tools you can apply instantly, you will be able to increase your presence while working online, and have more productive and effective online meetings and presentations.
The four webinar modules all purposefully take place online, and are spread out over two weeks, with various exercises and articles to read in between the modules. This way you get to practise applying the tools and techniques given during the course, in an online environment. 

Strengthen your presence with ‘the toolbox’

In this programme you will learn about ‘the toolbox’, and find ways to strengthen your presence and have more effective meetings. While the toolbox can be used in face-to-face situations, we will focus how it is of use in online environments. 

  • Through grounding and aligning, you will allow yourself to have a deeper breath which has a positive influence on the voice, and be more present, engaged and engaging. With deeper breaths, you can manage your emotions better, be more centred and calmer, and have more focus. 
  • Through connecting you will be able to instil trust and confidence in yourself and others. You will also gain tips on how to optimise your online meetings. 

In this course you will also work on your voice. The voice becomes a much more vital part of communication in a virtual setting; people often have their video turned off which makes the vocal part one of the most essential communication elements besides the verbal part. We will discuss the various elements of the voice such as your pacing, pitch, volume and emphasis. You will also learn how to colour your voice with emotion, such as enthusiasm, determination and compassion, which are especially crucial during these times.

Learning objectives

  • Strengthen your presence
  • Tools for better posture, breath, voice and connecting with others
  • Increase your awareness of non-verbal communication
  • Increase focus, energy and attention during online meetings
  • Optimise your online meetings for effectiveness