For whom

For whom

The Power of Storytelling programme is for every professional, whether you are a manager, consultant or entrepreneur. The programme is also suitable for anyone who wants to enhance his or her personal effectiveness at building trust-based relationships and influencing stakeholders, while remaining authentic.

This one-day learning experience will help you to diversify and expand your repertoire of communication styles. If you already have some experience of storytelling, it will also help you to sharpen your skills.


Here’s what previous participants say about the Power of Storytelling programme:

“I like the combination of theory, reflection, discussion and practice. RSM’s programme will take my storytelling skills to the next level. I support various companies in their development towards becoming great employers. It’s so inspiring to listen to their stories about who they are, what they want to achieve and why and how they have created their own workplace culture. I want to be able to share their stories in the best possible way to increase their pride and inspire other companies to follow their example. The Power of Storytelling taught me various techniques I can use to tell these stories, which will be very helpful for my team and me.”
Caroline Mullers, consultant at Great Place to Work

“Storytelling in business is hot. I’m delighted that RSM has a programme about it. The Power of Storytelling was everything I hoped it would be. Nicolas Constantinesco was an inspiring teacher. I learned a lot about the history of storytelling, and got tools for how to best frame a conversation, which I now use in my daily work.”
Eveline Graus, manager public affairs and communication at Nederlandse Brouwers and Nederlandse vereniging Frisdranken, Waters en Sappen