The Science of Business Creativity

The Science of Business Creativity

Creativity is the seed of innovation. Creative employees bring value in initiating creative solutions and ideas for innovation, and they are also happier and more engaged. But how can you boost creativity in your organisation? In this course you will explore issues such as: How can you become more creative? How can you get others to become more creative? What can you do with creative ideas to make sure they result in innovation?

Learning objectives

After this programme, you will be able to: 

  • interpret your own creativity, and know how to leverage it
  • make your teams more creative and innovative through various tools and exercises
  • evaluate ideas and make informed selection decisions
  • persuade others of your ideas.

3-day programme

unique content


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Why you should join this programme

  • Access to RSM’s world-class academic research and expertise including unique content not frequently taught elsewhere such as Systematic Inventive Thinking and Art Thinking.
  • Critical and science-based views on popular management lingo – such as brainstorming and design thinking.
  • Fundamental insights on your own functioning in terms of creativity.
  • Clear and useful tools to lead creativity in teams and organisations, not only to stimulate creativity, but also evaluate and communicate it.