Past events

Past events

RSM Discovery live event 31 May 2017: Who can beat the bots?

The rapid pace of technological change means there’s no ‘business as usual’ anymore. Organisations and employees must be curious life-long learners, when applying new technologies and when managing opportunities for the workplace. During this edition of RSM Discovery Live we explored if you and your organisation are already up to that challenge in this digital revolution.

Digital innovation at work

Corporate speakers from companies such as Randstad, ASML and VIVAT will present inspiring case studies on how their companies handle the challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is driven by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robotisation, and machine learning. Their perspectives and experiences will be discussed by an expert panel made up by RSM Professor Henk Volberda and Marlies Timmerman (CEO Horizon Training & Development).

We explored:

  • what it takes for you to be an employee that remains relevant in the digital workplace?
  • how an organisation’s leadership can keep the skills and attitude of its workforce up-to-date, and its model healthy?

How do we do our jobs in 10 years' time? Are you prepared? Read the complete article about the event here.