Moderator: Dorothy Grandia

Dorothy Grandia is Associate Director of the Career Development Centre of RSM. As a certified coach, she delivers training in communication effectiveness and presentation skills to a wide range of audiences.

The fourth industrial revolution

Keynote speaker: Professor Henk Volberda

Professor Volberda will explore the most important findings in the World Economic Forum’s  Future of Jobs report which analyses changes in the types and numbers of jobs as a result of the disruptive technologies that are collectively known as ‘the fourth industrial revolution’.

Henk Volberda is professor of strategic management and business policy and director of knowledge transfer in the department of strategic management & entrepreneurship at RSM. His research on organisational flexibility and strategic change received several awards. Discover more research by Prof. Henk Volberda on RSM Discovery.

How brain research changes recruitment

Speaker: Professor Frank Hartmann

Prof. Frank Hartmann will talk about the influence of neuroscience on the changing thoughts on work. He will do this by taking a case study within his own research field accountancy and control. What part can neuroscience play in who should and shouldn’t be hired for job positions?

Frank Hartmann is professor of management accounting and management control at RSM. Frank researches the design of management control systems. He was founding director of the business school of University of Amsterdam before joining Erasmus University in 2005. Discover more of Professor Frank Hartmann’s research on RSM Discovery.

Flexible job market: cure or curse for innovation?

Speaker: Professor Vareska van de Vrande

Technology allows employees to work flexibly; anywhere, any time. And the job market is becoming increasingly flexible. How can companies stay innovative when they have a growing number of employees working offsite and flexible hours?

Vareska van de Vrande is professor of collaborative innovation and business venturing at RSM. Her research focuses on corporate entrepreneurship; the use of organisational forms for external technology sourcing, corporate venture capital investments, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Discover more research by Prof. Vareska van de Vrande on RSM Discovery.

Panel discussion

Alexander Carp, group corporate strategist, ABN AMRO Bank

 Alexander Carp has been group corporate strategist at ABN AMRO Bank since 2011. Before joining ABN AMRO he worked in various group finance roles at Fortis for 10 years, for example in programme management, performance management, data management and architecture. Alexander started his career at Drs A.J. Hordijk BV as consultant decision support systems, after which he joined Digital Equipment Corporation for 10 years. At DEC he had positions in the Dutch subsidiary, the European headquarters, corporate headquarters and finally as pre-sales consultant and finance manager. In most of his activities Alexander played a bridging role between finance and IT. Alexander completed a bachelor in business economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a master in management from RSM. He is one of the first who specialised in multi-dimensional financial modelling. In 2005 he was nominated for the Dutch Corporate Performance Management Award and in 2008 Alexander was nominated for the Global Gartner BI Excellence Award.

Mietta Groeneveld, branch head multilateral military co-operation, Dutch Ministry of Defence

Mietta Groeneveld is a corporate generalist with substantial project management and commanding experience. She is a manager in a wide variety of business applications, particularly interested in human resource management topics and statistics analyses. Recent experience as commander of a maintenance and supply unit of 500 full-time employees. Serving style of command. Done several advisor jobs on the highest level, both in material investment and exploitation as in human recources. In this role, she has to be especially sharp and analytical, and able to advise from a generalist point of view. Now head of the programme office SPEER, a Dutch defence-wide programme for the implementation of SAP, one of the largest SAP projects ever. In this role, Mietta Groeneveld was responsible for keeping the programme within boundaries of product, time and money. Keeping an overview of the whole programme and its surroundings is absolutely necessary, and deduction of problems to their bare extend is her specialty.