Do you want to join as a Student?

Dear students,

Would you like to be part of a dynamic elected body, committed to furthering the educational and research activities of RSM EUR or the broader university? Would you like your opinion to be heard as policies are developed and strategic priorities set? If so, please consider standing for the upcoming Faculty Council and University Council elections!

From 26 April to 3 May, 17.00 pm the floor will be open for nominations. Elections will be held from 10 to 18 May assuming that there are more candidates than seats available for each category. More information about how to vote will be sent in due course.

In this message you can read more about the roles and how to be nominated. Please note: due to Covid-19, all election procedures will be carried out online.

Available Seats

  • RSM Faculty Council – five seats are available for students.
  • University Council  - twelve seats are for students from all the constituencies.

The Councils and their roles
RSM Faculty Council –
This elected body represents the interests of students (bachelor and master) and staff. As a member, you will be ‘in the know’. You will be informed as policy is developed, will interact with the Dean and other members of the Executive Board, voice your opinion and influence decision-making. Important issues that were in the agenda in the past were the RSM’s strategy, perusal policy, course evaluation,  the (HOKA) budget and the change or merge of educational programmes. It is your chance to represent students at RSM, and to gain important committee experience. Learn more.

University Council – The Erasmus University is a community of thousands of students, academic staff and support staff. In the University Council, staff and students from all faculties come together. Members have the wider perspective of the EUR as a whole. The University Council needs to be kept informed by the EUR Executive Board and its consent is required in certain issues. Members are also encouraged to join task forces which align with their interests, on topics such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability on campus or the HOKA budget. If you want to be involved in how the university functions, the stands it takes and the decisions that influence EUR staff and students alike, then a place in the University Council is for you. Learn more.

Nomination procedure
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the entire election procedure will be carried out online. This means that you won’t actually have to come to the EUR campus. You can submit your nomination for either council up to, and including, Monday 3 May 2021 at 17:00 pm.

Nomination RSM Faculty Council
For the RSM Faculty Council elections, you can submit your candidacy by sending an email to Claudia Rutten (crutten@rsm.nl). There are seven conditions bound to that e-mail. You must:

  1. Send the email from your EUR email address (ERNA account);
  2. Announce in the e-mail that you submit your candidacy for RSM’s Faculty Council;
  3. Provide your full name and staff ID number in the email;
  4. Attach your motivation (maximum of 250 words) and a photo of yourself;
  5. State that you agree to the publication of your relevant personal data for the election website;
  6. Attach the (five) collected written statements of support from supporters who are part of the same section (academic staff, PhD candidates or professional services staff) of the faculty community (RSM). This means that RSM EUR employees have to be registered in the electoral registers (this can be checked by Claudia Rutten; crutten@rsm.nl);
  7. Ensure that each written statement of support (an email from each supporter) includes the supporter's name and ERNA account. The supporter must also indicate that they support the candidate for the nomination of the faculty elections of RSM.

Please note: supporters may not support another candidate, or put themselves forward as a candidate. Otherwise the statement of support is invalid.


Nomination University Council
For the University Council elections, you can submit your candidacy by sending an email to stembureau@eur.nl. There are five conditions bound to that e-mail. You must:

  1. Send the e-mail from your EUR e-mail address (ERNA-account);
  2. Announce in the e-mail that you submit your candidacy for the University Council;
  3. State your name and student or ERNA number in the e-mail;
  4. Attach your motivation (maximum of 250 words) and a photo of yourself;
  5. State that you agree to the publication of your relevant personal data for the election website.

More information about the timeline of the elections, how to stand for council and how to vote can be found on the EUR website and the Faculty Councils additional page provides more information on the elections for the faculty councils.

We wish you the very best of luck. Please do stand for the councils, and cast your vote!