A good discussion - results and action points

The second meeting of the project named A good discussion, where representatives from all faculties come together to discuss issues which hamper participation at EUR, took place on 10 June 2015.

During the meeting four themes were discussed in small groups: Culture, communication, facilities, and best practices. The small groups identified actions for improvement for each of the subjects, which were summarized in a document. The focal points were  

  • Creating basic conditions for good participation, such as time, recognition in personnel appraisals, administrative support, and training opportunities for members in participatory bodies
  • Openness of management toward participatory bodies
  • Increased visibility and awareness of councils and programme committees in the faculties.

The basic conditions issue will be picked up by the University Council and the Executive Board, so that a central policy will be developed that ensures basic conditions to be met in all faculties. Further meetings will be planned after the summer break.

Faculty Council