Review of a busy year

The outgoing Faculty Council just published its Annual Report that highlights the many different activities of the past academic year.

"We were faced with a large number of requests for advice during the past schoolyear," says the chair of the 2014-2015 council, Dr Gabi Helfert, "but we also initiated a number of improvements ourselves, such as the implementation of a diversity policy for support staff for the first time in the history of the school and EUR." Apart from the periodic advice on the budget and the teaching and examination regulations the outgoing Faculty Council was also asked to give advice on a reorganisation of generic support staff, the reappointment of the Dean, as well as the draft of the new faculty regulations. Changes in the portfolio and the admission criteria of RSM's MSc programmes, such as the introduction of selection criteria for RSM BSc graduates who want to stay with RSM to graduate as masters, the name change of the sustainability master, and the establishment of a new premium finance master programme, as well as numerous HR-related initiatives and improvements in internal communication were further areas the council was involved with. 

A number of areas, such as the Internationalisation of STAR and the STAR Management Week, the quality of education in times of decreasing budgets and increasing classroom sizes, the validity of course evaluations through the student representatives, and improved career services for international graduates were discussions initiated by the council, but are still work-in-progress. "We recommend that the 2015-2016 council will continue to work on these themes and will keep up the productive manner of cooperating with RSM's executive board", so Helfert.

Faculty Council