The new RSM Faculty Council: Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for all members of the new RSM Faculty Council were assigned during its constitutive session on 3 September 2015.

In yesterday’s constitutive session the RSM Faculty Council 2015-2016  elected a new chair and two vice chairs. The previous chair, Dr Gabi Helfert, announced that she would like to resign from this role due to an upcoming career move: She will transition into a new role as Policy Advisor in the Dean’s Office from 1 October 2015 onwards. The council appointed Dr Marja Flory, Assistant Professor in the Department of Organisation, as its new chair. Student members Marina Arnaudova and Andrea Petrini were appointed by the council as vice chairs. Gabi Helfert will still remain a regular member of the 2015-2016 council.

The council has also decided to work in six committees, with the following members:

  • General issues (RSM Internal organisation, RSM Strategy, Reorganisations: Andrea Petrini, Dominik Scherrer
  • Education (General/quality assurance, bachelor programmes, master programmes: Dr Samer Abdelnour, Marina Arnaudova, Dr Marja Flory, Mike Jennekens, Andrea Petrini, Kevin Ren, Dominik Scherrer
  • Research (General, PhD related issues, scientific integrity): Dr Samer Abdelnour, Dr Paolo Perego, David Unterdorfer
  • HR issues (General, formation & career development, labour conditions, diversity): Dr Marja Flory, Dr Gabi Helfert, Kevin Ren
  • Finance (Budget, other issues): Mike Jennekens, Dr Paolo Perego, David Unterdorfer
  • FC organisation (Visibility/web page, external relations, back office): Marina Arnaudova, Dr Gabi Helfert

The Faculty Council is supported by Joy Kearney, official secretary of the council, and Liz Derks, student assistant. All students and employees of the faculty can contact the RSM Faculty Council via The meeting schedule is published on the FC website, where meeting agendas as well as minutes of the previous meeting are published in the week before each new meeting.

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