Open seats on the next Faculty Council - will you apply?

From 22 February to 8 March all BSc and MSc students at RSM as well as all members of RSM support staff who have an EUR work contract can submit their candidacy for the RSM Faculty Council.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and participating in decision-making in the Faculty Council, then do not hesitate to announce your eligibility for the position in the council.

Both forms have to be handed over to Claudia Rutten or Yvonne Jules, members of the Faculty Electoral Committee, in room T06-42 or T06-45, before Monday 8 March 2016, 12.00 pm.

Important: If there is more than one valid nomination from support staff candidates and more than five valid nominations from student candidates, elections will be held from 19 April until 27 April 2016.

More information about the schedule for the annual elections of the student section and also the timeframe for the vacant seat for the support staff section, can be found on the EUR website:

English | Dutch

The application forms can also be found on the EUR website.

If there are questions about the Faculty Council, please contact Joy Kearney at

Faculty Council