Representatives for academic faculty

  • Dr Marja Flory
  • Dr Helen Gubby

Representative for administrative staff

  • Amy Janssen-Brennan

Representative for PhD candidates 

  • Tatjana Schneidmüller 
  • Mohammad Ansarin

Representatives for students 

  • Elisa Vandensteene 
  • Beatriz Zambrano Serrano 
  • Gatien Devictor
  • Dimitrios Lerios
  • Tania Bhulai

Official secretary to the Faculty Council

Contact e-mail Faculty Council

  • fc@rsm.nl (all members will receive your message if you send it to this address)


Dr Marja Flory

Vice Chair

Elisa Vandensteene


The council has decided to work in six committees, with the following members:

  • General issues (RSM internal organisation, RSM strategy, reorganisations): Elisa Vandensteene, Tatjana Schneidmüller
  • Education (general, quality assurance, bachelor programmes, master programmes): Dr Marja Flory, Elisa Vandensteene, Beatriz Zambrano Serrano
  • Research (general, PhD related issues, scientific integrity): Dr Helen Gubby, Tatjana Schneidmüller, Mohammad Ansarin, Dimitrios Lerios
  • HR (general, formation & career development, labour conditions, diversity): Dr Marja Flory, Amy Janssen-Brennan, Beatriz Zambrano Serrano, Gatien Devictor
  • Finance (budget, other issues): Dr Marja Flory, Tatjana Schneidmüller, Gatien Devictor, Dimtrios Lerios
  • FC organisation (visibility, web page, external relations, back office): Tania Bhulai