Employment status

Employment status

How many MSc graduates are employed?

Of all respondents, the vast majority -96%- were employed, had started their own business, worked freelance, were not looking for employment or were continuing their education, within 12 months of graduation.

A small percentage of graduates, 4%, were still looking for a job when they completed the survey in December 2013. This is 2% less than the year before and almost the number of unemployed respondents (3%) as in the first Graduate Placement Survey. This increase in the percentage of unemployed graduates cannot be attributed to the state of the Dutch labour market, but it should be noted that the unemployment rate in the Netherlands again increased in 2012; it was 8.28%, up by 1.88% from 6.4% in 2012[1]. RSM graduates apparently are doing very well in finding their first job, but of course the school doesn’t close its eyes for those who have difficulties in finding a job after graduation.

Gender plays no statistically significant role in the likelihood of graduates finding their first job.

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When do they start their job searches

Most MSc students (69%) start looking for a job before they complete their studies. Some initiate the search earlier than others; nearly 25% say they start looking for a job more than six months before they graduate.

In comparison to last year’s Graduate Placement Survey 2012, graduates working in consultancy and business research are now the keenest, with 78% of them looking for jobs in their sector before graduation.

How long does it take to find a job?

The search for jobs seems to be becoming more effective, with 67,5% of respondents saying they found a job within three months from the start of their search. This is 10,5% less than in last year’s Graduate Placement Survey 2012, when 78% said they found a job within three months. Therefore, for those who find a job, it takes them longer.

What’s more, there is a difference between the time taken for men (66%) or women (70%)[1]. Similar for different nationalities to find a job; 67% of students from the Netherlands and EEA countries said they found a job within three months of starting to search and even 77% of the students from non-EEA countries.

With this in mind, and the fact that 42% start looking for a job at least four months before they graduate, it seems likely that some graduates found employment even before their graduation.

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