Almost half, 41%, of master graduate respondents had already experienced an internship during their bachelor studies, 2% less than last year’s survey shows. Of those respondents who told us they had bachelor internships, 39% also completed an internship during their master programme. The proportion of respondents who had their first experience of doing an internship during their master programme was also 41%.

Bachelor internships

For bachelor internships, 54% were completed abroad, 6% less than last year and the average duration was almost 19 weeks. Respondents told us it took, on average, almost two months to find their bachelor internship positions, and 62% of them agreed that their own network was of great help in finding the internship.

Students from EEA (69%) and non-EEA (54%) countries were more likely to do bachelor internships. In contrast, only 30% of Dutch students completed a bachelor internship.

Master internships

Master internships are, on average, longer in duration than bachelor internships, at 20 weeks, and 37% of them are in countries outside of the Netherlands. But they take the same amount of time to find – two months – as bachelor internships. 38% of the respondents said that their internship was for their Master thesis.

Master internships are mostly found through students’ own networks, 56% of respondents agreed. More than half, 52%, agreed that companies’ own websites are a good resource.  

Internships are accepted with varying levels of enthusiasm by our master students. They are least popular with master students with Dutch students (37%) in  contrast with last year’s survey when it was least popular with graduates from non-EEA countries. This year non-EEA master students are slightly more enthusiastic, with 40%. Internships are most popular with students from EEA countries, with 49% of them showing their support.