MSc Graduate Profile

MSc Graduate Profile

Who are our graduates?

The average age at graduation from one of RSM’s MSc programmes in 2012 was 24; one year younger than the previous year. Most students were aged between 23 and 26. Of those 296 graduates responding to the survey, about 32% were female and 68% were male. We can say from our earlier records that the Grade Point Average (GPA) of respondents in this survey does not differ greatly from the profile of RSM graduates in 2012.

The largest group among the respondents is represented by graduates of the Master programme Finance & Investments (24%) and Strategic Management (17%). This year for the first time, respondents were asked what Bachelor programme they did. About 70% of the RSM’s Master graduates come from their own stable; 27% did ‘bedrijfskunde’ Bachelor, and 26% International Business Administration and 16,5% did a pre-master at RSM. 28% of all respondents got their Bachelor at another university.

Where do they come from?

There were 34 different nationalities among the respondents to the 2013 survey; 62% were Dutch, 32% came from the European Economic Area (EEA), 8% more than in 2012 and about 18% more than the year before that, and 6% came from outside the EEA, which is 10% less than the year before. Most international students came from Germany (8,4%), then Italy (4%), Romania (4%) and Bulgaria (3%).

The number of international respondents has almost stayed the same compared to the 2012 survey and is now 38%. The international student population at RSM as a whole – across all MSc programmes and among all graduates – is 343 students, which is about 30%.