How much do our MSc graduates earn?

The mean salary earned by respondents to our survey in their first year of employment – across all industry sectors and globally – is €3,039 gross per month (€36,468 per annum), exclusive of additional benefits. RSM graduates in our 2013 survey earn about 3.3% less than RSM graduates in our 2012 survey (€3,141), but still 4.5% more than graduates in the 2011 survey (€2,903).

The survey shows that the mean monthly salary paid by companies in the Netherlands is €2,808 gross; in other EEA countries the mean monthly salary is €3,681 and in non-EEA countries €3,019. The difference between RSM graduate salaries in EEA countries and the Netherlands or non-EEA countries is quite big. But our survey indicates that high salaries in EEA countries reflect high-level jobs and the high standard of living in locations such as London or Zurich, for example.

According to the higher education study resource organisation Nobiles, the average monthly salary of a master graduate in the Netherlands is €2,632[1].

What about additional benefits?

Our survey asked respondents to tell us of any additional benefits they receive. They could indicate more than one benefit from our list.

This year a laptop was the most common additional benefit; 68% say they receive this. The opportunity to follow a course, training or education was also frequently mentioned, with 64.3%, and this year, travel expenses (last year’s number one) dropped to third place, also with 63.9%.