Positive change video campaign

50 Times a Force for Positive Change

It’s exactly 50 years since our business school opened its doors to the first cohort of business students on Thursday 8 October 2020. We’re inviting our valued partners to join us in celebrating our half-century and our mission – to be a force for positive change in the world.

We would like to invite you to present your organisation in a video that shows how the people you have recruited (from RSM) have become agents of positive change within your organisation.

Making a short video that shows how employment within your organisation can develop our students to become agents for positive change is a way to reach our whole student population (online this year, of course) and to be part of RSM’s sustained campaign. It’s a really good way to make your employer brand more attractive to our current RSM students during this celebratory academic year.

Examples of initiatives to mention:

  • Your effective sustainability initiative
  • The benefits of your Diversity & Inclusion policy
  • Your manufacturing – or a part of it – that has become carbon neutral

Tell our students about it and draw their attention to your organisation.

Please contact our Employer Relations team for more information.

50 times a Force for Positive Change
50 times a Force for Positive Change  
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