I WILL GET IN THE RING – who wins €15,000?

Watch the livestream here:www.streamprovider.tv/iwillaward/

You can find the program here: www.iwillaward.nl

Thanks to Coronavirus restrictions being relaxed a little, we’re excited to announce that the I WILL Award final will be livestreamed from the Erasmus Paviljoen on 7 July. Will you be part in the livestream audience for the I WILL Get in the Ring battle between six finalists?

It’s a new format for our event – our finalists will be pitching live in the Paviljoen in front of the jury (at 1.5 metres distance of course) and livestreaming to our audience. But the competition format remains the same – the winner of the I WILL Award will still receive €15,000 of funding.

They will compete through several rounds in head-to-head battles, answering questions about how their BIG PLAN and willpower can change society and inspire others.

I WILL Get in the Ring will reveal who has the best BIG PLAN. Which opponent will come out on top? The jury selects a winner for each of the three rounds, then the three spokespeople get just one minute to convince the jury – and the audience – why they should win €15,000 to put their plan into action.

Find out who wins the I WILL Award 2020 at the I WILL Get in the Ring event in the Erasmus Paviljoen. Also, YOU decide which one of the finalists wins the €2,000 audience prize, so tell your friends, make sure to get your ticket, and cast your vote for your favourite finalist at the event.