Moderator & Jury 2020

Moderator & Jury 2020


Victor Vlam is host, communications coach and an expert on American politics. He hosts events in both corporate and political settings and has interviewed notable politicians and business leaders. After studying law, Victor worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. He is author of the in 2019 released book ‘Donald Trump is niet gek’ and regularly appears on television and radio to comment on American politics.

Jury Members

Johan Hofstra is chairman of the jury and of the RSM I WILL Embassy. He is a specialist in strategy, leadership development, innovation and transformation, and is CEO of ProjectX; Brand Innovation Company and Business Pioneers. He has experience in identifying business opportunities, evaluating commercial viability and creating value via focus, innovation and growth generation. He designs, delivers and directs business concepts on innovation, and transformation programmes for leading Dutch and international organisations.

Magdalena Cholakova is an associate professor in RSM’s Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship Department, and an affiliated faculty member at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. She obtained her PhD from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Her expertise is in studying the factors that support effective decision-making under high uncertainty. She focuses on the evaluation process of early stage investors, as well as on the decision process of entrepreneurs, exploring the reasoning strategies that support them in establishing customer validation and in coping with failure. Magdalena is also interested in crowdfunding, and in individual behaviour in environments, characterised by high institutional complexity. She is passionate about studying how to foster entrepreneurial skills, and engages with this subject both through research and teaching.

Tommy van Thiel is chairman of the 42nd STAR board, Europe’s largest student-run study association. He focuses on STAR's long-term strategy, leading and facilitating fellow board members, maintaining relationships with external parties and supervising the RSM STAR Case Society, Case Competition and Sustainability Forum. He graduated from RSM’s BSc in International Business Administration in 2019. During the programme he studied at the City University of Hong Kong for his bachelor exchange.  

Jara Pascual is an author and entrepreneur centered on Innovation. She is CEO and founder of Knowco Collabwith, an online platform bringing people together and encouraging collaborations online and offline. She is also the host of the Innovation Podcast "Business of Collaboration" and Book author of "Innovation & Collaboration in the Digital Era" from publisher @DeGruyter (coming in fall of 2020). Jara is board member of the Forum Knowledge4Innovation at the European Parliament focus on Digitalization and connectivity of Innovation Ecosystems for Collaboration and Women Investment. Jara has a degree on Telecom Engineering and a MBA and she is writing about innovation management for different online magazines. She has worked for 15 years in Innovation Management doing transformational innovation culture and projects in a number of Fortune 500 Companies and R&D Labs. 

Professor Ansgar Richter is Dean of RSM and Professor of Corporate Strategy, Organisation and Governance. His research interests are strategy, organisation and governance: dynamic capabilities, organisational design, incentives, ownership and justice in organisations. He comes from business schools in the UK and Germany, most recently as dean of Surrey Business School. Before that, he spent time working with a leading management consultancy firm. He joined RSM in November 2019 because of its mission to be a force for positive change in the world; he is fully convinced that business can and should play a leading role in addressing big societal challenges and he believes business education can help achieve those objectives.